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Who We Are

GlobalFit is a leading provider of wellness solutions for employers and insurers nationwide. With over 25 years in the wellness space, GlobalFit provides powerful technology solutions that accelerate wellness program engagement, leading to improved population health and vitality.

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Why We Do It

We know a healthier population is a more productive population, and we firmly believe that our products and services make our customers healthier. It’s easy to support an effort as genuine as this.

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How We Do It

Healthy choices are embedded into our culture, from mindful snack days to company workout sessions (plus our activity reimbursement incentives keep us happy). We aren't a team of health nuts, just well-rounded individuals with knowledge of well-being.

Our Evolution

( Years In The Making)


GlobalFit is founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and begins building a local network of gyms


Aetna offers the Gym Network to its members nationwide


Curves joins the Gym Network with more than 9,000 locations


Destination: You, GlobalFit’s proprietary corporate activity program, launches


24 Hour Fitness joins the Gym Network


The 100 billionth step is taken through the Destination: You program


Zumba Fitness partners with GlobalFit as a wellness provider


GlobalFit launches FitBucks Rewards, a solution that lets insurers and employers outsource the reimbursement process and reward their populations for healthy choices


GlobalFit adds specialty studio and boutique gyms to Gym Network 360


Gym Network expands to Gym Network 360 adding weight management, virtual group fitness, wearable devices, and health coaching


Les Mills On Demand and Striiv partner with GlobalFit as wellness providers as part of Gym Network 360


FitBucks Rewards rebrands to GlobalFit Rewards adding GPS gym-check in, wearable integration, and the capability to deliver incentives and reimbursement as a total rewards solution


GlobalFit acquires a majority stake in WalkMyMind, an innovative mindfulness solution


GlobalFit launches GlobalFit Anywhere, the first app connecting users to studios, gyms, and trainers using dynamic pricing


GlobalFit acquires The Charge Group which offers evidence based on-site and telenutrition services