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Join the nation's largest corporate sales network to reach employees and health plan members looking to invest in fitness and wellness.

How It Works

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Give us your best corporate rates and submit pictures, logo, club hours, and amenities to get your facility's landing page set up.

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GlobalFit will promote your facility to employees and plan members registered in our database who live or work within a 10 mile radius of your location.

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Pay for Performance

We love enrolling new members for our club and studio partners! In fact, GlobalFit only gets paid if we actually enroll a member for your facility.

By the Numbers


The number of corporate clients offering GlobalFit's Gym Network 360 as the primary fitness benefit for their population.


The average number of new employees and plan members who search for gym and studio discounts each month.


Emails delivered each month to prospects looking to enroll in a membership to a local gym or studio.


The number of people in the US who have the Gym Network 360 benefit as part of their worksite wellness program or health plan.


Club and studio operators participating in the Gym Network 360 facility corporate marketing program.


Employees who expect to receive some kind of discount on fitness and wellness as part of their worksite wellness program or health plan.

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About joining the gym network or reviewing your current account

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